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Banking Operations

The Firm’s Banking Operations Group provides services that are unique to financial institutions, yet difficult to find. Financial institutions are often the target of actions to collect from their customers by third-party creditors, and also the targets for fraud. Our attorneys are able to counsel and assist financial institutions by responding to these situations in an economical and timely fashion. Our attorneys routinely handle issues unique to financial institutions including responding to subpoenas for records, grand jury subpoenas (state or federal), third-party citations to discover assets, and non-wage garnishments. Our extensive knowledge and experience enables us to protect our clients from claims brought against them by their customers. We also advise and counsel our clients on risk level assessments, how to insure payment for the financial institution’s compliance with such matters. In addition to responding to collection actions, operations departments often must deal with situations such as check alterations, forgery and fraud. Our attorneys have successfully represented and provided counseling to financial institutions relating to such matters and possess knowledge in Articles 3 and 4 of the Uniform Commercial Code to aid in these endeavors.

For more information on our Banking Operations Practice, please contact:
Mark D. Belongia