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Finance & Corporate Lending

The Finance and Corporate Lending Group represents national and regional banks, finance companies, private equity firms, financial institutions, and borrowers with respect to a wide variety of financial products involving enterprises of all types and sizes in a broad range of industries.  Our attorneys have represented lenders in secured, subordinated, mezzanine, and unsecured financing transactions consisting of conventional asset based or cash flow loans.  Our experience and role in the marketplace provides us with unique insight and knowledge as we assist our clients in a variety of securitizations and financings. Our years of experience in representing parties involved in transactions large and small provides us with the knowledge and understanding of transactions that is second to none.  This experience translates into the best possible representation for the client in the transaction at issue.
The primary concern for lenders in any transaction is ensuring that its position is secured.  While many attorneys can perfect security interests solely in real estate, we have experience in perfecting security interests in real estate, personal property, patents, trademarks, aircraft, watercraft, or any other type of collateral that can secure a loan.  This knowledge allows us to provide unrivaled representation to our clients regarding any type of transaction.  In the unfortunate event of a loan becoming a non-performing loan, our attorneys collaborate to protect the client and minimize any loan losses.

For more information on our Finance & Corporate Lending Practice, please contact:
Benjamin P. Shapiro