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Creditors’ Rights

Our Creditors’ Rights practice group is well equipped to handle all creditor issues, including but not limited to, consumer debt collection, commercial collections, as well as judgment enforcement. Our firm is also prepared to handle all stages of collections matters, ranging from pre-suit collections through suit, judgment and execution.

Our firm uses state of the art software to provide detailed debtor profiles, including the debtor’s location and a summary of the debtor’s assets. We take pride in being responsible for our own skip tracing. Our staffs’ diligence and persistency in skip tracing each file helps to ensure the result our clients wish to achieve.

Moreover, our firm is prepared to litigate as necessary throughout Illinois and many other jurisdictions. We have litigated disputes pertaining to commercial and business issues, contracts, warranties and Uniform Commercial Code issues, contracts, real estate and many other matters. Our attorneys have been selected as national counsel for clients who have litigation exposure throughout the United States.

For more information about our Creditors’ Rights Law Practice, please contact:
Kelly A. Saindon