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Employment Law

Our employment law practice group provides legal services to clients ranging from major companies and public employers to businesses in such diversified fields as retailing, manufacturing, construction, transportation, banking and finance, health care, government and education.

We are actively involved in the litigation of all employment-related matters and regularly represent clients in the federal district and appellate courts. The size and resources of our group enable us to respond rapidly to clients’ immediate needs, such as negotiations, administrative proceedings, union organization, strikes and picketing.

While traditional labor law counsel is a major part of our practice, it is by no means all we offer. Over the years, we have been heavily involved in a wide variety of employment-related matters, such as civil rights work, OSHA issues and employee benefits work of all types.

We have experience in litigation under state and federal employment and civil rights laws, including, NLRA, ERISA, Title VII, Elliott-Larsen, ADEA, ADA, etc., employment contract litigation, including non-competition issues, employment-related tort litigation, such as intentional infliction of emotional distress, Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) complaints, ADA accommodation issues, OSHA and MIOSHA complaints, pensions and employee benefits, salary analysis, employment contracts, preparation of employee manuals, employment application forms, etc., and advice on wage and benefit policies.

For more information about our Employment Law Practice, please contact:
Kelly A. Saindon