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Securities Arbritration

Since its inception, Belongia, Shapiro & Franklin, LLP has been a top law firm filling securities arbritration claims in Chicago. BSF also works closely with firms across the nation in these matters.

Why securities arbitration?

Arbitration, a requirement in brokerage disputes, affords investors considerable advantages. The process is considerably more expeditious than litigation and claims can often be heard within a year of being filed. Arbitration also is typically considerably less costly than litigation. Moreover, arbitration claims typically are binding, so brokerage firms cannot file endless appeals and force their clients to rack up extensive legal bills.

Who can file securities arbitration?

Any investor with a U.S. brokerage account can file an arbitration claim, regardless of whether they are a citizen or actually live in the country.

What are the costs associated with arbitration claims?

At Belongia, Shapiro, & Franklin, LLP, we typically work on a contingency or success fee basis when filing arbitration claims, meaning our fee is a portion of the amount we recover. This ensures that our firm’s interests are closely aligned with our clients. We bill out-of-pocket expenses at cost.

How do investors know whether they have legitimate claims?

Given our experience, we can quickly determine the merits of potential claims. As we work strictly on a contingency basis, we only pursue claims where we believe there is a reasonably high probability of success. We offer clients a free, no obligation consultation.

For more information about our Securities Arbritration, please contact:
Mark D. Belongia