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Trademark, Copyright and Advertising Counseling & Litigation

We assist clients in obtaining, protecting and enforcing trademarks, including conducting and reviewing searches and investigations for trademark clearance; preparing opinion letters; filing and prosecuting trademark applications; handling the prosecution and defense of trademark administrative proceedings; monitoring and policing the use of trademarks by third parties; providing general trademark and domain name counseling. As a part of this practice, we manage the domestic and international trademark portfolios and related intellectual property matters for a wide range of clients.

Our attorneys provide copyright advice to a wide range of clients in the online, entertainment and communications industries, including e-commerce companies, new media entrepreneurs, Internet technology companies, Web site operators, software developers, film producers, recording artists, and authors. Our attorneys also have extensive experience with the role of copyrights in the entertainment and communications industries, including film, theater, music, and print and electronic publishing.

Each year, we are responsible for negotiating and structuring the license or transfer of intellectual property and related content from or to firm clients, through license agreements, and joint ventures. This work includes negotiating and drafting terms, structuring license, transfer and transition arrangements, preparing intellectual property representations and warranties, and evaluating potential infringements.

Attorneys in Belongia, Shapiro & Franklin, LLP’s Intellectual Property and Technology Practice also represent clients nationwide in federal and state courts in a wide range of intellectual property, Internet and technology disputes.

For more information about our Intellectual Property and Technology Practice contact:
Mark D. Belongia